The All-New Jimny GL Lite

October 1, 2021

The All-New Jimny GL Lite has arrived. 

With high demand for the Suzuki Jimny in the current global shortage of semi conductors, wait times have been longer than ever. Suzuki has taken a twist with offering alternative solutions to try and beat supply and demand – introducing the Jimny GL Lite.

Suzuki Jimny Lite is designed with limited computer control systems to shorten the wait times – meaning you can go on your 4×4 adventures in a Jimny sooner! 

With Suzuki Jimny Lite coming in hot, the name Lite reflected the slimming down of items such as manual transmission only, 15”steel wheels, Radio / CD / Bluetooth, manual air conditioning and ex-nay on the fog lights, there is no compromise or reduction in its 4WD capability as its performance and engine specifications are unchanged.

  • 1.5L VVT engine
  • 5 speed manual transmission
  • ALLGRIP PRO 4WD technology
  • Hill hold and hill descent control
  • CD player with Bluetooth® and iPod® USB connectivity with steering wheel audio controls
  • Cruise control
  • Power windows
  • Autonomous Emergency Braking
  • Lane departure warning & weaving alert
  • 15” Steel Wheels
  • Halogen headlights
  • Manual operated climate control

The Jimny Lite lessens wait time nearly by 12 months allowing the vehicle to arrive considerably earlier. Suzuki QLD recommends ordering your Jimny as soon as possible in order to secure a vehicle with the factory’s production allocation. Other benefits when you order your Jimny today include: 

  • If the order ahead of you in the desired spec falls over, your order gets elevated.
  • If the factory are able to produce more, build another spec, or a RHD country gets locked down and their production gets shifted to us – your order gets elevated.
  • If your situation changes during the wait, you can cancel (subject to any customising / fitment etc), or as in the current market – you can capitalise on its re-sale.

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